Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

What Makes Richmond Cremation Different from Other Providers?

We perform all cremations on site at Richmond Cremation. Your loved one is never transported to another facility or location for the cremation.

Richmond Cremation is truly open and designed for your needs. The facility was created for families to be present during the cremation. All cremations are done by appointment to ensure you the opportunity to be present for the cremation if desired.

We are not a society and have no membership requirements or fees, and we serve everyone.

Our quality assurance plan ensures that every identity is confirmed through a visual identification of the deceased by a family member or designee. We place a metal identification bracelet on each person the moment they come into our care and that stays with them through the cremation process. Since cremation is done on site, your loved one never leaves our care. We take identification and its importance very seriously.

We pride ourselves on the personal care, attention and respect we give to every loved one who comes into our care. Our practice is to make each person presentable before the Identification. We will also dress your loved one if you wish. The identification occurs in a private room, not behind a glass window, to allow you and your family the chance to say goodbye in a personal and intimate way.

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Richmond Cremation

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